👋👋 Welcome to the Community!!! 

IAD have launched its Online Community mobile APP both for Android and iOS users. We are the first non-profit Indian Association to have Mobile APP (both Android & iOS) in Denmark, to bring our community together. Why APP? – Its part of Internet of Things (IoT) we are working , so interact easily at your hands, notifications etc.,

IAD team have good plans to develop community APP further with lot of information, discussions, chats, threads, courses, match-ups, documents, voice rooms, contents, events and more more….. to bring community together.   Many of you wondering about the name FREE access to Newspapers and Magazines. Yes, in short time you will get information about how to access Newspapers and Magazines for free!!! I am not so good at writing blogs, but I share information as much as possible which come cross my experience through exploring stuffs.

🙏🙏This all cannot be achieved without all you’re individual support. Each of you’re experience staying in Denmark is important to build information. Request all to please spread word with your friends and ask to install APP to be part of community building. 🙏🙏

You can download to try and share this link with your friends to install APP (Android or iOS):




If you’re Danish or International, welcome to join us. You can know more about INDIA and we learn from you. Win-Win. We created a special group for you “About INDIA”, select the group to join.

Any questions, please write to us: indianassociationofdenmark@gmail.com


iOS Version: LINK


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Hi friends… this is Hemanth Kumar. “Besides my regular job and personnel life; I try to find my best time and energy to work on other causes that progress people practice in diversified cultural streams and positive relationships with strengthening”. With my determination, skills, passion and love to serve people; I am trying to become active webbie.

Founder & acting as President for: Indian Association of Denmark.(IAD)

You can find my blogs on food too: Indian Restaurants in Denmark