Denmark has a comprehensive public health care system, including doctors, medical specialists, hospitals, health service, home care, health visitor services, paediatric dental care and more. The Danish health care system is based on the principle of equal access to the health care system’s services for all citizens. Any person domiciled in Denmark (ie national register) are entitled to all public health services. Your rights documented by health card, which you get from your municipality.

Emergency (112)

  • When should I call 112?
  • 1-1-2 is the emergency number. Only call 1-1-2 if there is need for emergency help.

In case of emergency and/or if someone needs immediate medical treatment, you can call the emergency call center at 112. When you have dialed 112, you will hear the following message (in Danish): “De har kaldt alarmcentralen 112. Brandvæsen, politi og ambulance. Vent roligt her” (Translated: You have called the emergency call center 112. Fire service, police and ambulance. Please wait). The staff speaks English, and will ask what has happened, where it happened, and how many are injured. The call center will then make sure that an ambulance or the police or some other form of help is sent immediately.

The emergency number 112 is the same in all of the European Union.

Note: If you need to contact the police, please dial 114.

Emergency Doctor after 4p.m or which pharmacies are open

If you need the doctor after 4 p.m. on weekdays, or around the clock at weekends and public holidays, you must call the emergency doctor service. The telephone number of your emergency doctor service is in your telephone directory.

– Copenhagen emergency doctor service (incl. Frederiksberg, Tårnby and Dragør) can be reached at 1813

– Zealand emergency doctor service at Zealand emergency doctor service at 70150700

– Aarhus/central Jutland emergency doctor service at 701131

– Northern Jutland emergency doctor service at 70150300

– Southern Denmark emergency doctor service at 70110707

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Choosing a Doctor:

You can freely choose a doctor or clinic that is open to the influx of new patients.

Different rules apply for home visits depending on the distance from your residence to your doctor or clinic:

  • If the distance between your home and the doctor or clinic is less than 15 kilometers away, your doctor can come on home visits in case of illness.
  • If the distance is more than 15 km, you must accept that the doctor can not come on home.
  • In Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tårnby and Dragør is the limit for the distance 5km.

If it is not possible to choose a doctor or clinic, located less than 15 kilometers – or 5 km if you live in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tårnby and Dragør municipality – from your residence, such as doctors and clinics in the area not open to new patients, your region offer you to choose a doctor or clinic that is more than 15 km from your residence. In this situation, you must accept that the doctor can not come on home visits in case of illness, but that your region makes home visits offer or transport system available.

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Pregnancy and Childbirth:

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