Many of you wondering about the name FREE access to Newspapers and Magazines. Yes, in short time you will get information about how to access Newspapers and Magazines for free!!! I am not so good at writing blogs, but I share information as much as possible which come cross my experience through exploring stuffs.

Many have habits in reading Newspapers and Magazines to know what’s going across the world or at least your loved countries. Some feel, we don’t have access to our country magazines or newspapers when we are in other countries; off course, if you subscribed/Pay you will have it – and to some extend free. But, I am speaking about printed newspaper and magazines which you can access online for free.

In DENMARK you can get FREE access to read 4200 newspapers and magazines around the world, from 100 countries in 60 languages.

Do you find that the selection of foreign newspapers in your kommune library is too small and inadequate? then you haven’t heard about PressReader.

What is PressReader?

PressReader is a big collection of online newspapers and magazines, which gives you the opportunity to read newspapers from 100 different countries and gives you access to the newsfeed from the last 30 days.

PressReader also gives you the opportunity to translate a selection of different newspapers from one language to another.

How to get access and how do I use it for FREE?

If you are a registered user of your kommune libraries, you have access to use all newspapers and magazines online resources for FREE.

A simply process – Just use your library number from CPR-number followed by your pincode from the library.

If you want to read newspapers at home in your couch, you can also download PressReader to your tablet/Ipad by entering Google play or App store and search for the app.

If you want to hear more about these online newspapers, do approach your kommune library where they are glad to help you. Just ask them about PressReader.

Let me explain it in 4 STEPS, it will be useful in form of QUICK GUIDE:

Step1: Just open your kommune library webpage. I have taken example of VEJLE BIBLOTEKERKE (

Step 2: Check for PressReader tab (most of the cases it’s available under Netmedier/Netbibliotker)

Step 3: Use your library number i.e, CPR-number followed by your pincode.

(Note: If you don’t have pincode, just pass by your kommune library and get access. It’s one time process)

Step 4: Now you have access to thousands of big collection online newspapers and magazines at one place for FREE.

(Access to all around world newspapers and magazines or select your loved country to read for FREE)

So, it’s as simple process to read the newspapers and magazines at your place.

Forget to mention, you can also download PressReader to your tablet/Ipad by entering Google play or App store and search for the app and follow the link to get step by step process  CLICK LINK

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