IAD have initiated this library concept to help/support who are interested in reading different topics on Indian languages, history, culture, etc., books missing in Denmark. Of course we have few Danish books for learning Danish language.

We welcome all Indian Nationals and Danish Nationals to contribute/donate your used/just lying books from long time at your place to support IAD library. DONATE A BOOK – A great way to honor someone special!!!

How I Can Borrow/Order Books?

Before ordering the book, we recommend to check the book availability in following link: https://indianassociationdenmark.com/library/

Once you’re are sure, just follow the link to register the book: https://iad.nemtilmeld.dk/5/

Can I order through e-mail or Phone?

Yes, you can send the e-mail or Phone message with name of the book you want to borrow.

You can borrow books on sending photo copy of your CPR card/Yellow Card/Social Security Card.

Any Security Deposit for borrowing Books?


How many Books at a time I can Borrow?

You can borrow one book in Language (Ex., one book in English & one book in Hindi & one book in Danish) at a time to be returned in 15days.

What if time extended beyond the return date?

Once you reach above 15days for return date, we collect 1 DKK/day. This collected money is spent for new books to order.

How can I receive the book?

You can collect book by sending us e-mail or phone call/message, we keep the book ready and inform you back the reserved time. Pickup Location for Book: Vejle, Denmark

(Note: Time period starts once after you received the book for returning)

What are my responsibilities as a borrower?

You are the sole responsible for returning of the books on time.

You are also responsible for any damages or loss of books and you may to pay the charges as fixed by IAD/replace the same book. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s selection and loss and damage of the books.

More Questions?

Send us e-mail: library@IndianAssociationDenmark.com

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