What this APP do? Is it FREE?

Its community app for communication, sharing platform that lets you threads & chats for engaged conversations, know events around, documents & content information at one place, courses with learning experience, match-ups to personalize, voice & video rooms to meetup and more to bring community together.

Yes its FREE to download and register. Link to download: CLICK HERE 

If it ask invitation code: 5G7295

Who is behind this APP?

Indian Association of Denmark (IAD) is non-profit registered association with 8years history behind the APP. We are using Hearbeat platform to build the COMMUNITY APP. IAD team have good plans to progress APP further with lot of information, discussions, chats, threads, courses, match-ups, documents, voice rooms, contents, events and more… to bring community together.

Where can we download and install APP?

You can download and install in iOS, Android and Desktop. Find the links to install. If asks for invitation code: 5G7295




Who can install the APP?

Anyone who are interested to know/join community can install the APP. Indians, Danes and Internationals are welcome. To better utilization we have created 4 groups while registration. Only one group allows to select during registration. If you are interested in more groups, welcome to contact/write us.


  • About Denmark (Example: If you’re are in India and looking to know about Denmark, this group is for you)
  • Already Living in Denmark
  • New to Denmark (Onboarding less than a year)
  • About India (Example: Danes/Internationals looking to know about India)

Can I refer my friend to install?

Yes, find the link below to share details to your friends. This all cannot be achieved without all you’re individual support. Spread word with your friends and ask to install the APP to be part of community building.

Invitation link: https://app.heartbeat.chat/iad/invitation?code=5G7295

Invitation code: 5G7295

What is this Paid Membership in APP?

We have additional group for Paid Membership, especially designed for privileged access for some discounts and more. It doesn’t cost much, as we keep reasonable price for Joining paid membership, this also helps us handle expenses behind to run community.

Any kind of Promotions or Advertisements?

Please do not promote or share products to spam unless they have been approved by the IAD Team. Please write us, on approval the IAD team will share those that have specifically been created for the community.

If any questions?

Write to us indianassociationofdenmark@gmail.com, if you have any question with Sub: APP ……

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